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Werner Schroeter – Willow Springs [+Extras] (1973)

Schroeter set out to make a film about Marilyn Monroe ten years after her death as a meditation on the new feminism in America. The result was this bizarre chamber melodrama about three women who turn an abandoned shack in the Mojave Desert into a kind of Charles Manson commune. The three lure men to their lair, force them to have sex, then rob and murder them. With a music track that includes Bizet, Yugoslavian folk tunes, the Andrews Sisters and the Blue Ridge Rangers, Schroeter fashions a spectacle of female power which critics have compared to Fassbinder’s The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant and Altman’s Three Women.

– San Francisco Cinematheque

Three women living in blissful isolation in the California desert find their communal life threatened by the arrival of a strange man. Willow Springs shares with Ingmar Bergman’s Persona (1966) and Robert Altman’s 3 Women (1977) a kind of surreal, dreamlike humor, and similarly hints at fractured or interchangeable female identities.
– Moma

A feminist cult survives by robbing and killing passersby, at their remote desert ranch. The North Star Dhruva cult leader Magdalena refuses to work for the Yankee dollar. Consequently she subjugates her two followers, who are forced to listen to the music of German opera all the time, while Magdalena drinks rum and Coca Cola in the ranch’s ornate bar. But the lesbian masochist’s iron rule over the rundown California ranch is questioned when a mother-loving young male wanderer, Lord Invader, stops in and romances the cult’s meek slave Ila, after his mother is turned away by Magdalena.

– Written by David Stevens (imdb)

1.24GB | 1h 17mn | 767×560 | mkv


Subtitles:German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese

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  1. Where are the subtitles? They don’t seem to be present in part one, and for some reason I was unable to open the second part.

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