1981-1990Adolf BornAnimationComedyCzech RepublicJaroslav DoubravaMilos Macourek

Adolf Born & Jaroslav Doubrava & Milos Macourek – O Matylde s náhradní hlavou AKA Matylda and her Spare Head (1985)

In one town there lives a little girl named Matylda, who likes to play, but doesn’t like to study – when she has to do, she remembers little. Her mom comes up with the idea to buy her some extra heads: one for Maths, one for poetry and so forth. Matylda gets all her heads together at home and everyone is happy. Until the day when her mother accidentally switches her head for a cabbage when Matylda is to recite a poem for her grandma. The family get-together is huge embarrassment. So Matylda and her mother realize that one head is more than enough.

121MB | 7mn 52s | 784×576 | mkv




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