Andrew Kotting – This Filthy Earth (2001)

From The Guardian
Filthy is right. This is a film to counter-balance any lingering misapprehension that the countryside is a place of picturesque tranquillity – and, thank heavens, it is not your everyday Britpic. Andrew Kötting’s second feature, adapted from Zola, is a gallery of bucolic grotesques set in a remote rural community in the early 20th century, long before EU subsidies, mad cows and agribusiness (but not before foot and mouth). The screenplay was written by Kötting and comic Sean Lock.

Kötting’s style mixes a grainy, indistinct celluloid and smudged sound with a kind of magic-lantern effect of still images, giving a faintly hallucinatory, ahistorical feel to an uproariously grim tale. Two sisters, Kath (Demelza Randall) and Francine (Rebecca Palmer), find their relationship under strain when Kath’s old flame, a casually brutal farmer, proposes marriage. Meanwhile, both women are strangely attracted to a gentle foreigner who has moved into the village.

There is something relentlessly, almost outrageously grim about their bestial lives (with echoes of Straw Dogs or The Wicker Man), particularly in the head-butting competition in the local pub, which ends with the loser being casually carried out, stone dead. Dudley Sutton is magnificently horrible as the mean-minded old farmer who presides over the dispersal of his land like a deracinated Lear. Like illegal cider brewed in the dark corner of a barn, this is not for weak stomachs. But it’s got a kick to it.

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  1. This upload has expired – I’d love a re-up. I haven’t seen this since it’s cinema run, but it certainly left its stain on me.

    “This Filthy Earth” is a gluttonous and chaotic revel in utter rottenness. Like Brakhage’s “The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes”, it takes conspicuous pleasure in filming horrible things in beautiful detail. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to laugh and vomit at the same time, this is your film…

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