1941-1950ComedyEsodo PratelliItaly

Esodo Pratelli – A che servono questi quattrini? (1942)

An elderly Marquis, having squandered all his fortune, begins a life as a vagabond philosopher and collects a small group of disciples to whom he teaches his thesis on the futility of work and of money.
Citing Socrates, Plato and Diogenes in his own way, according to his philosophy of life, money is useless and it is a sort of disease that afflicts humanity; moreover men should not work but devote themselves to contemplation and rest.To prove the validity of his theories, he convinces a young man (Peppino), who is contrasted in his love by his loved one’s rich father, to abandon his work, and then spreads the rumor that he has received a large inheritance, allowing thus to build an actual wealth for his disciple.
The philosopher, more and more convinced of his own ideas, refuses the well-being that is being returned to him and closes up again in his dingy attic.

1.44GB | 1h 18mn | 765×574 | mkv


Subtitles:Italian, English (custom)

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