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Guerdon Trueblood – The Candy Snatchers [+Extras] (1973)

Candy, a teenage heiress to a large fortune, is kidnapped by a trio of small time criminals on her way home from Catholic school. After burying her alive in an unmarked grave, the trio attempts to extort Candy’s father, a wealthy jeweler, for a hefty ransom. But what seemed like a simple, straightforward kidnapping soon spirals out of control with violent consequences and Candy’s only hope for survival is a young mute boy who knows where she is buried. Newly restored in 4k from the original camera negative.

Extras (w/English subs)
Feature-length audio commentary by film historian Nathaniel Thompson (no subs)
Director’s Introduction (1:25)
“A Dark Film,” interview w/director Guerdon Trueblood (15:15)
“Snatching the Role,” interview w/actor Vince Martorano (10:55)
“Digging Up the Past,” interview w/producer Gary Adelman (9:15)
Stills Gallery (1:56)

2.48GB | 1 h 34 min | 1024×552 | mkv



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