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Jean-Luc Magneron – Mai 68, la belle ouvrage (1969)

Mostly talking heads interviewed about the state violence they witnessed or endured during the month of May and June 68 in Paris. Nurses, students in medicine or else, passers-by, journalists, a psychiatrist, etc…

Despite the government’s assurances and the extremely moderate instructions that the Paris Police Commissioner Maurice Grimaud had personally sent by letter to each of the twenty thousand men who served under him, the events of May 68 brought their share of brutality. Filmmaker Jean-Luc Magneron investigated this aspect of a spring month, which was not so joyful for everyone, bringing together the experiences of victims or eyewitnesses, some of whom evoked the violence of batons, others the abusive use of tear gas grenades, the blocking of rescue services and racist insults. These stories were only edited and mixed in 1998, after the director’s death….

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