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Michael Almereyda – Another Girl, Another Planet (1992)

As Another Girl, Another Planet’s hapless protagonist Bill (Barry Sherman) thinks back on relationships with girlfriends past, the Pixelvision might be read as the haziness of his memory drifting away from romantic love. As the characters break out into poetic litanies about pain and desire (“I wasn’t used to being happy. It was somehow exhausting,”) music becomes the tool to express their feelings. As one relationship crumbles apart, Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s ferocious “The Mercy Seat” drives hard through the scene as Bill fiddles with lit matches. During a tender kiss between boy and girl, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” opines in the background.

The music feels like found art, but lest we get too esoteric Almereyda undercuts these philosophical monologues and idyllic Pixel-portraits with wry humor. As the oblivious lovers kiss, their pal (Nic Ratner) sits on the other end of the same couch. It’s that familiar party moment: bored, smoking, waiting for your friends to finish their smooch so you can talk to them again. Nothing deflates false sentiment faster than a well-timed gag.

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  1. Another rather rare curio you have found here, and thanks for that. Pixelvision, the low-res image captured by the Fisher-Price PXL2000 “toy” camera, gave rise to a certain visual aesthetic and spawned a short-lived fad. It was more associated with experimental filmmaking, but has been used for footage within music videos and in a few mainstream features. There have even been Pixelvision film festivals. This film, counted as either a long short or a short feature, was one of the most noteworthy examples.

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