2001-2010ArthouseDramaItalyMichelangelo Frammartino

Michelangelo Frammartino – Il Dono AKA The Gift (2003)

The languid account of a disaster happening in slow motion. The film charts the bleak daily life of a village in Calabria, which once had a population of some fifteen thousand but is now down to a mere handful. An impassive old man and a retarded girl seem to be simply waiting for time to eat away their lives. They are only occasionally and fleetingly roused from their deep apathy by strange objects and sordid encounters. Thus the girl, believed to be possessed by a demon who is the personification of all her repressed sufferings, does indeed offer her attractive body, though not to supernatural forces but to the unfeeling assaults of the drivers from whom she hitches rides. As for the mobile phone found by the old man, although its ringing surprises him, he soon gets bored with it. However much it rings or vibrates, it has to join all those other useless vehicles and forms of communication: boats washed up on the shore, dismembered cars on the roadside: a gallery of inanimate wrecks, appropriate counterparts to the cort?ge of ghosts that passes between them.

696MB | 1 h 16 min | 852×480 | mkv


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