2001-2010AustriaDocumentaryEthnographic CinemaNikolaus Geyrhalter

Nikolaus Geyrhalter – Elsewhere (2001)

In 2000, the final year of the twentieth century, Nikolaus Geyrhalter and his crew set out with a video camera to film twelve, self-contained ethnographic episodes, each encapsulating a month-long document of the lives of people who perform their quotidian rituals in a figurative Elsewhere, as follow:

Opening in January : Ekeschi, Ayr at the heart of the Sahara desert in Niger, chronicling life among the nomadic Tuareg.
A portrait of the Moso tribe, a matriarchal, ethnic minority community of farmers and ranchers living in the Yunnan province in China.
A discussion of polygamy by Himba tribespeople in Kaokoland, Namibia.
A headless carcass of an errant reindeer that had been killed by a wolf in Samiland, Finland near the Norwegian border.
Among the Korowai people of Irian Jaya, Indonesia.
The remote Aboriginal Reserve in Arnhem Land, Australia.
A Ladhaki rancher and sheepherder reflects on her life of grace and blessing In Umla, Ladakh, India.
Inuit sea hunters in Thule, Greenland.
The few remaining Khanty herdsmen in the village of Kantek Ko Jawun in Siberia, Russia.
In search of fish like pagello, gilthead, and grouper, in the village of Thárros in Sardinia, Italy.
The Nisga’a tribe’s ceremonial dedication of a totem pole In New Aiyansh, British Columbia in Canada.
The Red Cross’ biennial Christmas package drops to the Falalap, Woleai Atoll in Micronesia.

2.06GB | 3h 58mn | 640 x 352 | mkv


Language(s):Many languages
Subtitles:English, German, Spanish


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