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Robert Guédiguian – Ki lo sa? (1986)

“Robert Guédiguian is well-known for his idiosyncratic slices of life set
in his beloved Marseille, in films such as Marius et Jeannette (1997)
and À la place du coeur (1998). Whilst most of Guédiguian’s films are set in this historic
French port they span a remarkable range of genres and encompass a
dizzying assortment of themes, including noir-style thriller intrigue,
classic romance and pressing social issues. Ki lo sa?, Guédiguian’s
third feature, is one of his more unusual films in this series, a
surprisingly dark and mystical work which explores various
existentialist concerns through the interlocking prisms of black comedy
and social realism. A far more intimate and understated work than the
director’s preceding migrant-themed saga Rouge midi (1985), it is a film
dealing with failure and disillusionment and invites us to ponder what a
successful life looks like, indeed whether the question has any validity.

Here, Guédiguian regulars Ariane Ascaride, Gérard Meylan, Jean-Pierre
Darroussin and Pierre Banderet play four disparate individuals who, when
confronted with their personal failings since childhood, decide that
life is too painful to endure and so opt for the nearest exit. The
subject matter is grim (perhaps more than it needs to be) but the
director brings to it his customary poetic and humane sensibility,
making it an intensely involving film. Ki lo sa? is quite unlike any
other film that Robert Guédiguian has made so far, and yet it is
unmistakably his own.”

1.28GB | 1 h 25 min | 921×576 | mkv




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