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Susumu Hani – Furyo shonen AKA Bad Boys (1961)

Susumu Hani’s first feature was this gritty pseudo docudrama of juvenile delinquency based upon a collection of papers, ‘Wings That Couldn’t Fly’, written by the inmates of a boy’s prison. The film follows a young man who drifts into petty crime, is arrested, imprisoned, reformed and released. True stories of other inmates are interwoven into his experience to create a startling document of crime and punishment.

Bad Boys is often cited as the first film of the Japanese New Wave. Like the films of the French New Wave, Bad Boys dealt with a previously taboo subject — delinquency in a socially structured society. Also like the French Auteurs, Hani financed his first film with private funds. His limited resources and his status as an Independent outsider from the Japanese studio machines allowed him to experiment both with established narrative techniques (using reformed prisoners to read or re-enact their experiences) and production techniques (much of the film was shot on grainy 8mm and 16mm).


1.18GB | 1h 29mn | 710×478 | mkv




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