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William Wyler – How to Steal a Million (1966)

Based on the short story “Venus Rising” by George Bradshaw, How to Steal a Million features a rather contrived plot about a wealthy art forger (Academy Award winner Hugh Griffith, Ben Hur) and his beautiful daughter (Hepburn) who are about to be exposed as frauds after they allow one of their fake statues to be displayed in a major art exhibition. In a desperate attempt to save face, Hepburn solicits help from a dashing society burglar (Peter O’Toole, Lawrence of Arabia) to steal the statue before tests can be made to reveal its true origin. The “burglar” isn’t exactly what he appears to be, however, and as they plot their haphazard heist, the two inevitably begin to fall in love.

Audrey Hepburn stars as Nicole Bonnet, the daughter of a very successful art forger named Charles Bonnet (played by Hugh Griffith). His latest project is a replica of a famed statue, which he knows would be scrutinized and inspected if he were to sell it – so he chooses instead to donate the piece to a museum. But when the museum announces that they’re bringing in a specialist to examine the statue, Charles is sure he’ll be found out. Nicole decides that the only way to avoid the situation is to steal the statue back, and enlists the help of suave, self-described “society burglar” Simon Dermott (O’Toole). The two begin plotting the heist and, of course, find themselves falling for each other along the way.

Another comment from IMDb: A charming adventure comedy. It revolves around good-hearted art forgery and the need to set thing right. The basic plot is rather implausible, but it hardly matters. There is a great chemistry between the primary characters and the story is pleasantly devoid of attributes that would prevent the film from being enjoyed by anybody from 10 years-old and up. The blend of mild suspense, gentle comedy and a bit of romance is not too intellectually provocative, but it makes for great fun. It’s a film I can sit down an watch with my teenage daughter, my younger son, my wife and my mother, and everybody has a good time and comes away feeling better than when they sat down.

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