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Alessandro Blasetti – Altri tempi AKA Times Gone By (1952)

The mood is set with the opening with excerpts from the Excelsior Ball, a famous ballet at the turn of the century that heralded the advances of the upcoming century, for a book-dealer to introduce the various stories in this compilation film. The first story chosen is (English titles) “Less Than a Day”, a comedy of would-be lovers meeting in a country-side rendezvous; “A Question of Property” is a story of two men who fight over the ownership of a load of manure; “The Idyll” is the story of a well-to-do young boy who has a crush on the girl next door, and he has been told by his mother that babies are born when two people kiss. After the fact, though; a selection of popular songs serves as an intermission before the next story, “The Vise,” where a woman has committed adultery with her husband’s best friend, and the merciless husband knows about it; the last episode revolves around the farcical trial of a woman for murdering her mother-in-law.
An all-star cast graces this Italian “omnibus” feature. The film consists of eight short stories, each based on nostalgic literary efforts. Linking the various stories is bookseller Aldo Fabrizi, who passes the time by reading the works dramatized herein. In “The Excelsior Ball,” dancer Alba Arnova arouses the libido of several observers. In “Less Than a Day,” a three-hour train delay wreaks havoc on the romance between Arnova and Andrea Checchi. In “Sardinian Drummer Boy,” the title character (Enzo Cerusico) becomes an unexpected hero on the battlefield. In “Matter of Interest,” two farmers (Arnoldo Foa and Folco Lulli) quarrel over a compost pile. In “The Idyll,” two very young people (Maurizio Di Nardo and Geraldina Pariniello) fall in love. “Potpourri of Songs” delivers on its title through the musical versatility of Barbara Florian and Elio Pandolfi. “The Trial of Frine” finds accused murderess Gina Lollobrigida being defended by colorful lawyer Vittorio De Sica. And in “The Trap,” an accusatory husband (Amedeo Nazzari) drives his far-from-innocent wife (Elisa Cegani) into an act of extreme desperation. Also known as In Olden Days, Altri Tempi was distributed worldwide by RKO Radio.

2.35GB | 2h 1mn | 765×574 | mkv


Language(s):Italian, English
Subtitles:Italian, English (custom)


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