2011-2020DramaEmmanuel HamonFranceThriller

Emmanuel Hamon – Exfiltrés AKA Escape from Raqqa (2019)

Raqqa, Syria, Spring 2015. Faustine discovers the hell in which she has embarked with her 5 year-old son. In Paris, Gabriel and Adnan, two young activists, are moved by the distress of Sylvain, Faustine’s husband. They agree to set up a high-risk exfiltration operation. The true story of two worlds and that of a generation.

1.65GB | 1 h 42 min | 1280×528 | mkv


Language(s):French, Arabic, English
Subtitles:English, French, Spanish, German Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian (muxed)

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