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Gary Leva – Film Noir: Bringing Darkness to Light (2006)

The documentary “Film noir: Bringing darkness to light,” completed in 2006 and produced and directed by Gary Leva, is far superior to any of the film-noir documentaries available on public-domain collections of film noir for several reasons: (1) At 68 min., the subject is treated in depth. (2) The B&W clips from films as well as the interviews in color and color film posters are of excellent quality. (3) The clips, some from rarely seen films, are precise selections, unlike the fuzzy, often lengthy trailers included in previous noir documentaries. (4) While traditional noir themes (femmes fatales, lighting, cynicism, fatalism, etc.) receive full treatment, other generally neglected topics are detailed, notably the role of music. (5) Commentary is by a host of film-noir historians and players. The credits list some 45 interviewees, including actress Jane Greer (1924-2001). The diversity of opinions sometimes leads to conflicting interpretations, which is probably as it should be as film noir is a recognizable phenomenon that is hard to define. “Film noir: Bringing darkness to light,” is an essential and insightful analysis of the film-noir phenomenon.

The 13 scenes comprising 68 min. in “Film noir: Bringing darkness to light” are: 1) intro; 2) into the darkness; 3) what it is. what it ain’t; 4) birth of a bad dream; 5) life’s cheap. then you die; 6) the guy pulling the strings; 7) masters of darkness and light; 8) cut to black; 9) lullaby for the damned; 10) method behind the madness; 11) caught in a web; 12) can’t cheat fate; 13) final fade out.

1.06GB | 1h 7mn | 716×537 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish (muxed)

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