1951-1960ComedyDramaItalyLuciano Emmer

Luciano Emmer – Camilla (1954)

Camilla, a middle-aged Venetian widow, arrives in Rome to take up service as a maid with the Rossetti family, made up of Mario, a doctor, his wife Giovanna and their children Andrea and Cristina. The economic conditions of the Rossetti are not flourishing and this causes tensions and disagreements.

In addition, the Rossetti’s often meet up with Gianni, an invasive friend, rude and often involved in unclear business, who lives, without being married, with the remissive Donatella. Mario attempts a career advancement by preparing an exam to obtain a more rewarding qualification, but his studies are listless and are made difficult by family tensions, caused by the difficulty of maintaining the desired standard of living. Camilla, with her discreet but sure presence, made also of popular wisdom, is an element of cohesion for the family and manages to give serenity especially to children. Family tensions lead Mario to alcohol abuse and to court Paola, an old flame of his revised after many years, in turn unaware of Gianni’s casual approaches to his wife…

1.58GB | 1h 26mn | 768×576 | mkv


Subtitles: Italian, English (custom)


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