Luigi Comencini – Mio Dio, come sono caduta in basso! AKA My God, how low I’ve fallen! AKA Till Marriage Do Us Part (1974)

At the beginning of the twentieth century the noble and chaste Eugenia (L. Antonelli) and the enriched plebeian Raimondo (O. Lionello), Sicilians, come to learn by telegram on their wedding night to have the same father, but for social propriety, and economic reasons, they decide to play the comedy in front of the world by living in chaste marriage. According to the current morality, he can afford some escapade but the virginal wife, while eager to penetrate the mysteries of the flesh, must restrain herself. It will be the readings of D’Annunzio to dismantle her resistance.

Comedy of errors in which are intertwined two parodistic veins: the redundant literary style, the craze, of D’Annunzio (of which it also mocks the heroic side), and the popular serial novel (feuilleton).
Memorable is the sequence in the haystack in which the chauffeur (M. Placido) tries to strip the mistress who doesn’t cooperate. Excellent Antonelli, two witty characters: M. Abruzzo as Monsignor Pacifici and J. Rochefort, Baron viveur.

1.98GB | 1h 45mn | 1021×552 | mkv

Language(s):Italian, French
Subtitles:French, English (custom)

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