2001-2010Alain GuiraudieArthouseDramaFranceQueer Cinema(s)

Alain Guiraudie – Pas de repos pour les braves AKA No Rest for the Brave (2003)

First of all there is Basile Matin, a young man who dreamt of Fafatao-Laoupo, symbol of the penultimate sleep… Now he knows that he will die if he ever falls asleep again in his life. The problem is, that at his age you still like to think that you have your life before you. And then there is Igor, another type altogether. He works a little and studies almost not at all… But he doesnt have any money and he is bored. That is why Basiles story is terribly interesting to him, even if he doesn’t really understand it. (amazon.com)

1.37GB | 1:42:38 | 704 x 384 | avi



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