1981-1990ComedyDramaEmir KusturicaYugoslavia

Emir Kusturica – Sjecas Li Se, Dolly Bell ? aka Do you remember, Dolly Bell ? (1981)

SYNOPSIS: (from the Artificial Eye release)
As Hollywood movies begin to find their way into the country, sixteen year-old Dino becomes seduced by the glamour of the gangster films that flash before his eyes at the local cinema. Determining to follow a life of crime himself, Dino falls in with a band of petty crooks until a liaison with local prostitute Dolly Bell turns his world upside down in a way not even the movies could have prepared him for.

A two-times winner of the Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Palme d’Or, Kusturica’s energy and unique cinematic eye are very much in evidence in this thoughtful, charming and eccentric comedy that won the Golden Lion for best first film at the Venice Film Festival.

1.50GB | 1h 45mn | 954×572 | mkv



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