1941-1950CrimeDramaFranceJean Dréville

Jean Dréville – Copie conforme (1947) (HD)

No one would think that Manuel Ismora, an esteemed society photographer, is an audacious thief and con artist. The newspapers are ?lled with accounts of Ismora’s criminal exploits, which involve the fraudulent sale of a château and the theft of some valuable jewels, but the police are slow in bringing him to justice. Instead, it is Gabriel Dupon, a modest button salesman who bears a remarkable physical resemblance to Imora, who ends up being taken into custody. Positively identi?ed by Imora’s many victims, Dupon is branded a criminal, and even when he is released by the police through lack of evidence, his reputation is in tatters.

Dishonoured, friendless and jobless, the wretched Dupon decides to drown himself in the river, but before he does so a voice calls out to him. The next thing he knows he is sharing a car with Imora, who o?ers him a mutually advantageous business arrangement. By posing as the famous photographer, Dupon will provide Imora with a watertight alibi when he is out indulging in his felonious hobby. Reluctantly, the former salesman agrees to go along with the scheme, but things take an unexpected turn when he falls hopelessly in love with Imora’s beautiful mistress, Coraline…

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