1991-2000DramaKi-duk KimSouth KoreaThriller

Ki-duk Kim – Seom AKA The Isle [+commentary] (2000)

An artistic, shocking love story that disturbed audiences and confused almost all critics that couldn’t see beyond the disturbing images. A mute girl maintains a fishing resort where people stay in floating mini-houses while fishing, resting and using prostitutes. She services them in any way she can in order to make ends meet but the crude clientele annoy her often, forcing her at times to take revenge. Along comes a brooding, suicidal client with a dark past. Will they connect through their pain or treat each other like animals? Full of beautiful scenery, poetically breathtaking symbolism, animalistic sex and behaviour, and notorious for its faint-inducing scenes involving fish-hooks. But put it all together and you have a dark love story and metaphor about abuse that passes on between people, islands of individuals that connect only through pain, metaphors about fishing lost people out of the waters, and the tragedy of beastly people that don’t know any better. Its only flaws are the too frequent scenes of nastiness and the artsy semi-happy ending that isn’t visually in line with the rest of this gripping, poetic piece.

2.96GB | 1h 30mn | 1024×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese


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