1951-1960ClassicsHorrorJapanMasaki Môri

Masaki Môri – Kaidan Kagami-ga-fuchi AKA Ghost Story: Depth of Kagami AKA The Ghosts of Kagami Pond (1959)

In feudal Japan, there is a famous store called Edoya. The store manager Kinbei has no doubt that he will inherit everything some day, since the owner’s family has no children. But suddenly, the owners adopt a ronin Yasujiro, and Kinbei wants to eliminate them. Kinbei kills the sister of Yasujirou’s fiancee and dumps her body in Kagami Pond. Soon a ghostly revenge is upon him…

837MB | 1h 1mn | 820×342 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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