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Richard Stanley – The Sea of Perdition (2006)

Set on the planet Mars, The Sea of Perdition tells the story of a stranded astronaut (Maggie Moor), who discovers an ancient temple in the wilderness and whatever secrets it may hold.

The Sea of Perdition was shot in Iceland in mid-2006, as a part of Errant Films’ IBM Film project, which consisted of five separate short films, all based upon the composition “The Sky’s gone dim and the Sun’s gone black” by the Icelandic composer Johann Johansson. The featured music is from the fifth part of his album, IBM 1401 – A User’s Manual.

Stanley himself has given rather down-to-earth reasons for making his segment, which, since then, has grown into an independent work, and was premiered in the 2006 Sitges Fantasy Film Festival in Spain. Since then, the film has been made available on the web as a streaming media.

135MB | 8 min 33 s | 855×364 | mkv




  1. Apparently it’s offline again “due to inactivity” (weirdly fast). Would you please re-upload …again? Sorry for your troubles and thank you for all your lovely work.

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