Toshiya Fujita – Nora-neko rokku: Bôsô shûdan ’71 AKA Stray Cat Rock: Beat ’71 [+Extras] (1971)

A wealthy man frames his son’s girlfriend (Meiko Kaji) to keep them apart. She briefly goes to prison for a crime she didn’t commit before breaking out to reunite with the man she loves. Along the way she befriends a group of hippies who try to reunite her with her boyfriend.

Bonus Features
Testimony of Outlaws: The Faces of the ’70s, “Part III: Yoshio Harada” (33:06)
Original Theatrical Trailer (2:35)

1.99GB | 1 h 26 min | 1024×418 | mkv’71__+Extras_.part1.rar’71__+Extras_.part2.rar’71__+Extras_.part3.rar


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