Agnès Varda – La petite histoire de Gwen la bretonne AKA The Little Story of Gwen From French Brittany (2008)

Varda shot “The Little Story of Gwen From French Brittany” over several years beginning in 1996. The documentary short follows Varda’s friend Gwen Deglise as the two meet in Paris in 1996 and Deglise then moves to Los Angeles. Deglise is now the head programmer for the American Cinematheque. The short film was sent to American Cinematheque accompanied by a letter from Deglise in which she writes about how her life often crossed paths with Varda’s since their first meeting in 1996. It was during this first encounter where Varda asked Deglise if she could follow her around with a camera as Deglise ventured to Los Angles.

“Today, now as Head Programmer of the organization, I think back fondly on all the memories with Agnès including her encouragement 26 years ago to move to L.A. and to seek out the American Cinematheque,” Deglise writes. “I cherish the long evenings spent together planning her events at the AC, as well as the wisdom she offered at many of life’s important moments. Of her many gifts: her curiosity was limitless, her appetite for life boundless. The endless inventiveness of her art shines through in her films and was inspiring to witness, and a privilege to be close to.”

51.7MB | 5 min 13 s | 1920×1080 | mkv


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