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Delbert Mann – Marty (1955)

This slice-of-life drama scripted by Paddy Chayefsky originated as a live 1953 television broadcast directed by Delbert Mann and starring Rod Steiger and Nancy Marchand. The movie version retained Mann as director but replaced the two leads with Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair. A kind of proto-Before Sunrise, it examines a watershed 24-hour period in the lives of two lonely people.

Marty Pilletti is a 34-year-old, overweight Italian butcher living with his widowed mother who has no illusions about himself or his attractiveness to women. He has just one career ambition – to buy his boss’s butcher shop – and he’s not even convinced about doing that. Gentle and good-natured, he spends his time with a small circle of dead-end fellow unmarried men. One Saturday night, Marty’s mother convinces him to go out to a dance hall. There, he comes across a plain-looking schoolteacher named Clara whose situation mirrors his own – she lives with her parents, and is hesitating whether to accept a promotion she’s been offered. After witnessing Clara’s humiliating rejection by her blind date, Marty asks her to dance with him out of pity. Soon, the pair are enjoying each other’s company and feeling a mutual attraction, but are equally wary of putting themselves at risk emotionally…

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