Guido Brignone – La fuga di Socrate aka Socrate’s Escape (1923)

Socrate, a weird parrot, one day flies away through an open window. The mistress of the parrot imposes on her boyfriend Ajax a terrible condition: if he doesn’t find Socrate, she will marry another man. Ajax immediately starts to look for Socrate, but soon he discovers that the parrot has been captured and sold to a young lady leaving for Havana. Finally Ajax manages to get to Cuba, but once there he finds out that Socrate has already flown away to return to his original owner; she telegraphs Ajax asking him to return to her – but she will wait in vain: Ajax has already fallen in love with the young lady who emigrated to Cuba.

The video is a copy from the film print held by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema: 35mm, positive, polyester, 1325 m, 65′ at 18 fps, colour (Desmetcolor), Portuguese intertitles, silent.

The film restoration:
The restoration of La fuga di Socrate was carried out by the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino, from a tinted positive nitrate copy with Portuguese intertitles from the Cinemateca Brasileira that is conserved at the Cineteca di Bologna.

The restoration work was carried out in June 2009 at the L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Bologna.

758MB | 1 h 4 min | 724×540 | mkv,_1923).mkv

Subtitles:Portuguese intertitles,English,Spanish

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