Jeff Mills – Exhibitionist (2004)

The ideas and concept behind Exhibitionist originate as far back as early 1996. As Jeff Mills constantly searches for new innovative territory, he arrived at this subject of simulating himself to appear in multiple locations at the same time because of time confliction’s and an overload of DJ booking request from around the world. Jeff’s first inquisition was to use the 3 dimensional projection format called Holographs. A transparent ghostlike projection where a free-floating image is unsupported by a backdrop screen. After quite extensive research and inquiring Jeff discovered that the technology was not yet at a consumer friendly stage where projecting in the average club setting would be a difficult and complex task. He discovered and rested at the idea of simply filming his DJ performance using a high grade digital tape that would serve the objective just as well and is more compatible for current live performances conditions.

The initial test showing was in 2001 at the venue, Liquid Room-Tokyo. In the middle of the DJ set of Jeff Mills, he disappears from the DJ stand and allows the DVD filming to take over that task of djing can controlling the audience. The crowd, not realizing if it is live or recorded continued to dance effortlessly. Once they discovered what was happening, the crowd responded with overwhelming approval and party exceeded to another level. Jeff rejoined the film image of himself and both, Jeff and simulated projection began to DJ together.

Capturing the characteristics of Electronic Music on an Exhibitionist level

It was once said “What a valuable asset the future would hold if we all began to capture what we do today.” The idea of being able to recall and reflect upon request is task that could serve musicians, artists and the audience very well in the future. Remembering the excitement of an artist or DJ “in action” is the key component for longevity because through our memory it is often how we measure effectiveness of the situation. In addition to the main objective of simulating the artist and/or DJ, this DVD provides an array of features that will be discovered, explored and expanded upon.


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