Jürgen Böttcher – Rangierer AKA Shunters (1984)

A shunter’s job is to slow down, link, and unlink train wagons at a central station. The film documents – without any commentary – the working hours of few shunters at the shunting-station Dresden-Friedrichstadt, which was the largest such station in all of the former German Democratic Republic. They work day and night, amidst snow and fog at the railway tracks, speaking only as much as necessary.

The painstaking and exhausting work of the switchmen at Dresden-Friedrichstadt station, day an night, in all weathers. The version chosen by the filmmaker stylises the men’s dignity, the violence of work, the night’s chill, the lamps, the fog and snow, without emptying them of their substance or breath. There is no commentary, and the only words are those uttered by the men at work.

343MB | 22 min 1 s | 768×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English, French

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