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Anna Maria Tatò – Marcello Mastroianni: mi ricordo, sì, io mi ricordo AKA Marcello Mastroianni: I Remember [Full version + extras] (1997)

In 1996, Marcello Mastroianni talks about life as an actor. It’s an anecdotal and philosophical memoir, moving from topic to topic, fully conscious of a man ^Óof a certain age^Ô looking back. He tells stories about Fellini and De Sica’s direction, of using irony in performances, of constantly working (an actor tries to find himself in characters). He’s diffident about prizes, celebrates Rome and Paris, salutes Naples and its people. He answers the question, why make bad films; recalls his father and grandfather, carpenters, his mother, deaf in her old age, and his brother, a film editor; he’s modest about his looks. In repose, time’s swift passage holds Mastroianni inward gaze.

Extras included:
Prologo Versione Corta (in Italian language with Italian subs)

Deleted Scenes:
1. Primi Approcci al Teatro
2. Il Tunnel Sotto al Tevere
3. Questi Fantasmi
4. Gigetto di Napoli
5. Un Saluto a Roberto Benigni
6. Le Pause e Le Attese Dell’attore
7. Pasqua con Fellini

(All the deleted scenes are in Italian language without any subs)

Subtitles:Italian (muxed),English


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