Sergio Bergonzelli – Joy (1983)

Based on the scandalous memoirs of a pseudonymous French model Joy Laurey.

Her name was Joy Laurey , the pseudonym of the French-American supermodel whose 1981 autobiography became the most scandalous erotic memoir of the decade. Two years later, executive producer Benjamin Simon (Memoirs Of A French Whore) brought Joy’s scorching saga to the screen and launched an all-new series of sensual movie classics. Succulent Canadian starlet Claudia Udy (Dragonard) leaves nothing to the imagination as the globetrotting celebrity whose passion for men, women and strangers in any combination shatters every sexual taboo.

Joy has been completely restored from a print discovered in the screening room of a Paris brothel and is presented uncut and uncensored including the complete Secret Orgy Dungeon sequence for the first time ever in America.

1.98GB | 1 h 49 min | 854×462 | mkv


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