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Augusto Tretti – Il Potere (1971)

Review by Ennio Flaiano (L’Espresso, November 14th 1971)
In the scaffolds of Italian cinematography, there’s Augusto Tretti, with his two films, «La legge della tromba» and «Il potere» (two films in two years, the first one barely seen by anyone other than close friends), very hard to place in the landscape. Should be left alone. It will either be an isolated phenomenon, or worse, one that needs to be isolated. He will perhaps, in this country of people who find their ways, copycats, but surely bad ones or just clever ones. Tretti has a gift, his simplicity, which cannot be copied, it implies the superb innocence of the hermit. It’s a simplicity that brings the photographic image to the likes of Nadar, of Daguerre, and also to neo-realism […].

-Paola Tosi (Stone Age woman, Indian, visitor in the factory/farm)
-Massimo Campostrini (Tiberius Gracchus, Indian, socialist deputy)
-Ferruccio Maliga (Cardinal Concordato, bishop)
-Giovanni Moretto (Stone Age man, Indian, worker)
-Diego Peres (Stone Age man, Indian, worker)
-Augusto Tretti (Mussolini, Military, Commercial and Agrarian powers).

-Production: Federico Pantanella and Mario Fattori for Aquarius audiovisual
-Distribution: Italnoleggio
-Format: 35mm

0.98GB | 1h 26mn | 720×540 | mkv



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