Béla Tarr – Sátántangó AKA Satan’s Tango (1994)

In a small, dilapidated village in 1990s Hungary, life has come to a virtual stand-still. The Autumn rains have started. A few of the villagers expect to receive a large cash payment that evening, and then plan to leave. Some want to abscond earlier with more than their fair share of the money. However they hear that the smooth-talking Irimias, who they thought had died, is returning. They are apprehensive that he will take all their money in one of his grandiose schemes to keep the community going.

9.34GB | 7 h 19 min | 920×576 | mkv



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  1. One of the greatest films ever; well worth the 7.5 hour running time.

    I know money is tight for a lot of folks right now, but if you can afford it, you can still do a “virtual screening” of this film (as well as Pedro Costa’s latest masterpiece, “Vitalina Varela”, from the Film at Lincoln Center webpage. As many of you may know already, they’ve had to cease production indefinitely of “Film Comment” magazine as well as lay off most of their staff due to COVID-19. As a reader and subscriber to that wonderful magazine for years, it’s heartbreaking and I really hope they get back on their feet again.


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