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Caveh Zahedi – I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore [+Extras] (1994)

I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore is a real-life documentary comedy about a filmmaker who takes a road trip to Las Vegas with his father and half-brother in an attempt to prove the existence of God. He posits that if God exists, and if God is indeed omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent, then all the filmmaker has to do is roll the camera and let God direct the movie. But the movie isn’t going in the direction the filmmaker would like, and so the filmmaker attempts to force God’s hand by trying to persuade his father and half-brother to take Ecstasy with him. When they refuse, things quickly start to unravel.

Bonus Features
Feature-length audio commentary from 2003 featuring Caveh, Goerge, and Amin Zahedi (the subjects of the film)
Making of Vegas Commentary (2003, 1:53) — Scenes from the making of the audio commentary
New England Cable News (1995, 3:06) — News story on the occasion of the film’s ill-fated theatrical release
Trip to Vegas (1990, 6:30) — Home videos of the original roadtrip that inspired the film

Three 1997 shorts about the late D. Montgomery, the sound recordist for I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore:
D. (4:27)
D’s Address (1:04)
D’s Watch (1:32)

1.20GB | 1 h 13 min | 698×523 | mkv’t_Hate_Las_Vegas_Anymore__+Extras_.part1.rar’t_Hate_Las_Vegas_Anymore__+Extras_.part2.rar



  1. Thank you! I’ve had this on VHS since it first Came out, and this looks SOOOO much better. Very underrated film. It seems like most movies that examine the third of documentary filmmaking are (the wonderful fictional “David Holtzman’s Diary” Is a perfect example. The film is a masterpiece, but it amazes me how few people have seen it.

    On the topic, I saw an experimental film in college that was very similar to a scene in DHD but it was a short feminist piece, shot on 16mm or video in color, of a guy following a woman around the house while she is getting dressed. She begs him to stop until she finally breaks down and starts crying (I think she mentions something about feeling raped). It was incredibly powerful. I’ve been looking for it for years but haven’t been able to find it. If anyone knows the name of the piece/director, PLEASE let me know.

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