David Comer – Ata Whenua: Fiordland on Film AKA Shadowland (2005)

One IMDb user wrote:
Showing nice photo’s or film of brilliant scenery’s and landscape is one thing. Turning it into the identity of an entire nation is another. In my opinion David Comer pulled it off! The combination of (maori) music, film, wildlife, treelife and seasons turns this into an eye-watering experience for everyone who goes into watching it. Especially when one does not know what to expect.

This is New Zealand at its best! Every time I watch this film, it makes me want to go back again. I hope it will have the effect on people who have never been to New Zealand that it will persuade them to explore the youngest country on earth and to marvel at its sheer unspoiled beauty.

528MB | 30 min 59 s | 862×466 | mkv


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