Djordje Kadijevic – Praznik AKA The Feast (1967)

Set in the mountains of Serbia, the film takes place during the Christmas time in 1943. Chetnics (yugoslav army in the homeland) are stationed in the village and they deal with two American pilots who have crashed in the mountain nearby. Initially welcomed, the Americans believe they have found allies who will get them to the Partizans (communists) very soon. It does not work out that way, and while they are dined and wined at first, later on they are detained. During the night, however, the two captives escape…
The uncontrollable volatility of the context, the lawlessness, the coldblooded efficiently executed murders, the extreme violence and the endless reversals of power make this movie special and very interesting.

1.36GB | 1h 22mn | 720×544 | mkv

Language:Serbian, English

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