1961-1970AsianDramaJapanKenjirô Morinaga

Kenjirô Morinaga – Shiosai AKA The Sound of Waves (1964) (HD)

Lonely youth Shinji meets Hatsue, a pretty pearl diver, on the beach and the two fall in love. But Shinji has a rival for Hatsue’s affections, Yasuo. Yasuo spreads unpleasant gossip about his rival, and Hatsue’s father forbids her to see Shinji. But when the boy saves the passengers on a boat owned by Hatsue’s father, his luck in love begins to change.

3.74GB | 1h 21mn | 1920×800 | mkv


Subtitles:English, French, Chinese

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, the theme song of this movie (and some mention of the story) was a running theme in the asadora (Japanese morning drama serial that runs every day for half a year) Amachan (2013) あまちゃん.

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