Kenneth Anger – Eaux d’artifice (1953)

A woman dressed elegantly walks purposely through the water gardens at the Villa d’Este in Tivoli, as the music of Vivaldi’s “Winter” movement of “The Four Seasons” plays. Heavy red filters give a blue cast to the light; water plays across stone, and fountains send it into the air. No words are spoken. Baroque statuary and the sensuous flow of water are back lit. Anger calls it “water games.”

376MB | 13 min 3 s | 792×576 | mkv,_Eaux_d’Artifice_(1953).mkv

Language:English (commentary)

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  1. Kenneth Anger – Eaux d’artifice (1953)
    you make a mistake: Fireworks in french is “Feux d’artifice”, not “Eaux”

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