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Kôkichi Tsukiyama – Shibukawa Bangorô (1922)

A film on the life of Bangorō Shibukawa, the founder of the Shibukawa-ryū school of jūjutsu. To paraphrase Tadao Satō’s blurb on the back cover of the video, this is an important film for three reasons.
1. It is an almost perfectly well preserved copy of one of only few full-length movies still available of the first superstar in Japanese cinema history, the very famous Onoe Matsunosuke.
2. It uses a method that was common in the silent era, the dyeing/tinting of film to mark given moments of day (eg. blue for night-time) or given situations (e.g. red for fire) – and even though most films that used this technique have been redeveloped in straight b&w, this one is available in its original form.
3. it is an early SFX (special effects) movie that uses the basic tools of the trade – a great action movie full of swordsmanship and monsters (bakemono).

Female roles were still played by males.

698MB | 1:04:26 | 512×384 | avi



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