Martin Hellberg – Thomas Müntzer [+Extras] (1956)

Thuringia, 1525: The south of Germany experienced one of the few great popular movements in German history – the Peasants’ War. This opulent historical film describes the fate of the priest Thomas Müntzer, who becomes the leader of the revolt and the Reformation in Germany. He boldly advocates the teachings of Martin Luther, but while the latter turns away from the masses, Müntzer is active as their advocate. But even he can not avert the fateful defeat…

* Martin Hellberg: Das Spiel – Sein Leben [Martin Hellberg: The Game – His Life] (29:28)
* Thomas Müntzer – Ein Verstörer der Ungläubigen [Thomas Müntzer – A Destroyer of Infidels] (13:17)
* Kleiner Trick… Ganz Gross: Ein Modell aus dem Müntzer-film [A Little Trick… Quite Large: A Model from the Müntzer Film] (2:28)
* Credo: Martin Luther – Wittenberg 1517 (16:32)
* Blaue Wimpel im Sommerwind: Die jungen pioniere entdecken Thomas Müntzer [Blue Pennant in the Breeze: The Young Pioneers Discover Thomas Müntzer] (7:12)
* Reiseland Thüringen [Highlights of Thuringia] (:22, :18, :18)

1.81GB | 1 h 58 min | 640×480 | aviüntzer_(Martin_Hellberg,_1956).part1.rarüntzer_(Martin_Hellberg,_1956).part2.rarüntzer_(Martin_Hellberg,_1956).part3.rarüntzer_(Martin_Hellberg,_1956)


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