Masao Adachi & Kôji Wakamatsu – Sekigun-P.F.L.P: Sekai sensô sengen AKA Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War (1971)

It was a milestone of film as activism, cinema as movement in Japan’s context. Adachi and Wakamatsu went to Beirut on the way back from the Cannes Film Festival. There, in collaboration with the Red Army members and PFLP, they produced this newsreel film depicting the everyday activities of Arab guerrillas as a cinematic narrative on the world revolution. Being a fusion of intense agitation and the ‘landscape theory’ approach inherited from “Aka. Serial Killer,” the film was conceived as a new form of news report, and was discussed in synchronicity with J-L Godard’s Dziga Vertov Group and the revolutionary films of Latin America, transcending geographical distances. In order to negate the conventional idea of a film screening, the Red Bus Film Screening Troop was organized and the film screening was acted out nation-wide. The English and French subtitled versions were produced and the film has been screened internationally, including in Palestine. The film is important in the sense that it was an embodiment of the collaboration between Japanese filmmakers and Palestinians in that era, and also as a historical document of Palestine, where constant bombings made it hardly possible for Palestinians to possess their own images.

934MB | 1 h 9 min | 710×532 | mkv


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