1961-1970DramaFantasyUSSRViktor Ivchenko

Viktor Ivchenko – Lisova pisnya AKA The song of the forest (1961)

Mavka, a water nymph, loves Lukash, a country youth. Their brief happiness ends when Lukash is forced to marry the shrewish Kilina. The Spirit of the Forest turns Lukash into a wolf as punishment for his infidelity. The strength of Mavka’s love breaks the spell, but Kilina curses the nymph, transforming her into a weeping willow.

This beautiful and tragic story is based on a play written in 1912 by Lesya Ukrainka, a ukrainian poet, writer and political, civil and female activist, and includes mythological characters taken from ukrainian folklore.

1.37GB | 1:31:16 | 640×464 | avi




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