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Akio Jissôji – Uta AKA Poem [Director’s Cut] (1972)

Poem is the last film in Jissoji’s Art Theatre Guild trilogy and deals with the traditional stem-family system on the verge of collapse allegorically. Not very satisfied with the optimistic last scene of Mujo, Jissoji approaches a similar subject matter from a different perspective. And the film is more in line with his concern about the radical change in the society which prompted him to make the trilogy. It appears that the script was written through intense discussions between Jissoji and Ishido, this time too.

Jun, a stoic young man, works for Yasushi Moriyama, a lawyer and the eldest son of an old family in Tamba, and has tried to protect the family’s property, keeping regular hours. One day, Toru, Yasushi’s brother, comes back from Tokyo, and his debauchery puts Jun in a difficult situation.

Bonus Features
Scene-specific audio commentary by Professor David Desser, zappo’s thesis advisor
Desser Introduction (9:48)
Theatrical Trailer (4:26)

2.66GB | 2h 16mn | 1024×436 | mkv



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