Claire Denis – Chocolat (1988)

The international breakthrough of acclaimed filmmaker Claire Denis, Chocolat is set in a remote town in Cameroon during the last days of France’s colonies in Africa.

Claire Denis’s award-winning autobiographical film traces a young white woman’s return to her youth in pre-independence French Cameroon, haunted by strong memories of black African Protee, the family’s “houseboy” and a man of great nobility, intelligence and beauty. Chocolat is a stirring & subtle examination of intricate relationships in a racist society and the human damage exacted on both the colonized and colonizer.

Film Title Allusion: In a 1989 interview with Judy Stone, Claire Denis explained that she “employed the term Chocolat for its 1950s slang meaning, ‘to be had, to be cheated,’ and therefore the word’s association of ‘to be black and to be cheated’” (cited in Sandars).

2.35GB | 1h 45mn | 718×448 | mkv

Subtitles:English, French, Spanish, French CC

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