1991-2000ArthouseComedyGreg WatkinsUSA

Greg Watkins – A Sign from God (2000)

from the DVD:
Greg Watkins’ romantic black comedy A SIGN FROM GOD depicts a semi-fictional day in the life of independent filmmaker Caveh (Caveh Zahedi) and his girlfriend Laura (Laura Macias) as they struggle with a series of challenges and accidents (including eviction from their apartment, possibly pregnancy, and a car crash) while desperately seeking a sign from God about the future of their troubled relationship. Laura’s increasingly pessimistic attitude — she perceives that the cascading negative events of their lives portend a negative “sign” about the relationship — is offset by Caveh’s serene and abiding faith that everything happens for a reason…

920MB | 1 h 09 min | 720×400 | avi


Language(s):English/Some Spanish
Subtitles:Hard Subbed English (during Spanish segments)

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