2001-2010ComedyDramaHsiao-tse ChengQueer Cinema(s)Taiwan

Hsiao-tse Cheng – Miao Miao (2008)

High school student Miao Miao (Ke Jia-Yan) is Chinese and has transferred to Taipei for one special school year. Her quiet demeanor and awkward prettiness make her immediately attractive to classmates and strangers, but it’s the sassy Xiao-Ai (Sandrine Pinna) who cracks her shell. The two become fast friends, palling around after school and in class, where Miao Miao’s baking skills make her a hit with her classmates. However, Miao Miao finds first love when she falls for sullen CD shop owner Chen Fei, who’s forever shutting out the world with a pair of headphones. Xiao-Ai helps Miao Miao to quietly wriggle her way into Chen-Fei’s life, but finds herself falling for her best pal too, leading to an extra layer of tension in their already tumultuous young lives. Meanwhile, Chen Fei searches high and low for a rare CD demo that has something to do with his sad, haunted past. Will Miao Miao achieve her dream date with Chen Fei? Will Xiao-Ai ever confess her love to Miao Miao? And will Chen Fei ever find his missing CD and/or crack a smile? Fulfillment of all these goals is not possible, but even without a happily-ever-after ending, these youngsters may find something precious and memorable.

2.00GB | 1h 23mn | 1024×568 | mkv


Language:Mandarin, Japanese

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