1951-1960CrimeFilm NoirJohn H. AuerUSA

John H. Auer – City That Never Sleeps (1953)

Uniformed Chicago cop Johnny Kelly, Jr., who originally joined the force to make his policeman father happy, has grown restless in the job and has decided to resign the next day. He allows himself to be compromised by a shady lawyer and has decided to desert his wife because of his obsessive affair with a stripper in a sleazy nightclub. Although the sergeant who partners with him for his last night of duty is a stranger to Kelly, the enigmatic cop seems to know Johnny very well. They leave in a squad car for what will be a very eventful last night on duty for the disillusioned young policeman.

2.29GB | 1h 30mn | 790×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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