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Pedro Aguilera – Naufragio aka Wreckage (2010)



Illegal immigration is one of the most challenging problems facing Spain over these
last few years. From among the thousands of immigrants entering the country by
various means, there are hundreds and hundreds trying to reach Spanish territory on
rudimentary open-decked vessels, most of them setting out from along the African
coast. Many of these African immigrants fail to reach Spain and find their death in the
sea. Others reach the coast exhausted and dehydrated from days on the open sea and
yet still hoping to find a new future. For many, there is no future as they are promptly
returned to their land of origin and even those who are allowed remain for whatever
reason, find that things are much more difficult for them than they had ever expected.

The reality of these immigrants is a cliché image for most Spanish people. The
image perceived by the media is the only one that reaches them. There is very
little first-hand contact with them for the vast majority of Spanish people.
Thus, ghettos are quickly formed and the tendency is to reject them as
something beyond the pale for most Spanish.

This film will try to break the cliché image of the immigrant as a generic figure.
It is as if all of them were one just one same person; a simple primary people,
filled with naïve dreams that become dispelled when they come in contact with
the cold European reality.

1.34GB | 1h 31mn | 1024×436 | mkv


Language:Spanish, Bambara, French

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