1981-1990DocumentaryShort FilmSuha ArinTurkey

Suha Arin – Sisler Kovulunca AKA When the Fog is Swept Away (1986)

When the Fog is Swept Away, The Houses and Craftsmen of Old (Eastern Black Sea Region) is documenting rapidly vanishing old houses and craftsmen for the new generations.

In the mountainous eastern Black Sea region, the nail-less dovecoting construction of old log cabin houses gave flexibility to withstand earthquakes. Sites in villages like Savsat were chosen both for their protection from snow and avalanches, and built on the poorest soil to leave the meagre arable areas for cultivation. In Ikizdere there are still stone and half-timbered structures. All these spacious homes are notable for their interior panelled walls and ceiling, elaborately carved and embellished. Various other techniques in Sumene and Rize are illustrated.

529MB | 40mn 43s | 739×574 | mkv



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