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Ventura Pons – Animals ferits AKA Wounded Animals (2006)

Three couples deal with the sticky issue of infidelity in this comedy-drama from Spanish filmmaker Ventura Pons. Silvio (Jose Coronado) is a well-to-do business executive who is seemingly happily married to Marcia (Cecilia Rossetto). However, Silvio is convinced Marcia is cheating on him, and frequently spies on her — ironically enough, he usually does so during assignations with his mistress, posh interior designer Claudia (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon). Meanwhile, Daniel (Marc Cartes), who works with Claudia, is enjoying a vacation with his wife Irina (Cristina Plazas), a front desk clerk at the hotel where Silvio usually romps with Claudia. Daniel is hoping the getaway will help put the spark back into their marriage, but he soon discovers Irina’s head has been turned by a trainer from a nearby health spa. And finally, Mariela (Patricia Arredondo), Silvio’s housekeeper, has stated dating Jorge Washington (Gerardo Zamora), who has only recently come to Spain from Peru. While Mariela has fallen hard for Jorge, he’s impressed by the romantic and material opportunities his new hometown provides. Animals Ferits (aka Wounded Animals) was adapted from a collection of short stories by Jordi Punti. ~ Mark Deming

1.03GB | 1h 28mn | 640×352 | avi


Language:Spanish, Catalan
Subtitles:English, Catalan and Spanish vob sub

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